Ways to Reinvent Your Customer’s Online Experience

Ways to Reinvent Your Customer’s Online Experience

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Giving your customers a smooth online experience is the difference between making sales and not. When your customers have trouble navigating your website or receive constant page load errors they will be less inclined to keep you as a vendor. Let’s avoid these scenarios by reinventing the way your customer’s experience your online site.

Ensure A Fast Load Time 

This is by far one of the most important things you can do to ensure your customer’s experience is a good one. No one likes waiting for a web page to load. In fact, most consumers will hit the back button if the page doesn’t load within five seconds.

This means you need to ensure your page load times are less than five seconds to retain your customers. This goes for the entire website experience. Your entry, check out, and submission forms should all load within a few short seconds.

Make It Mobile Friendly 

Mobile phone searches have officially outnumbered the number of desktop searches. If your website is not showing up in a mobile-friendly way, you might as well get ready to close up shop.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must. You should also ensure that your load times for mobile searches are just as fast as your desktop searches. We encourage you to focus on the mobile aspect of your business more so than the traditional desktop browsers.

Make Your Navigation Easy And Don’t Forget The Search Box 

If you haven’t already come to the conclusion, you need to realize that online customers are very impatient. If they land on a website that doesn’t have a clear navigation structure, they just hit the back button. People prize their time and they don’t want to waste it trying to figure out how to navigation your site. In most cases, simpler design means more sales than a complicated design.

One aspect of site design that some business owners overlook is the search box. It’s been shown that having a search box on your site makes the consumer more trusting. With this simple concept, all you need to do is just make sure you have a search box within clear view on your website at all times.

Integrate with Other Software 

E-commerce stores should be integrating with other software programs to ensure their customers have an easy checkout experience. Using a company like Green Wing Technology  you can connect your customer’s procurement systems with your online catalog. This makes it very easy for a customer to login to their ordering system and clicks through to your website to create an invoice of what they need.

By connecting with customers’ software systems, you can essentially gain more loyal customers. Realize that many big organizations, such as schools, Universities, and Governments use punchout catalogs for all their purchases. If you are not synced with their systems, they simply will not use you as a vendor. Do your best to connect with your customers’ software to ensure you get as much of their business as possible.

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