Walk-In Cold Rooms – An Effective Solution

Walk-In Cold Rooms – An Effective Solution

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When you require additional or alternative refrigeration space, perhaps to cover refurbishment work, there are three viable hire options:

  • Walk-in cold rooms.
  • Fridge trailers.
  • Fridge vans.

Walk-in cold rooms are not on wheels so they remain in a fixed position. They are primarily designed for use within a business or community premises. Fridge trailers are on wheels and they can be situated indoors but are normally used outdoors. It won’t be a surprise that fridge vans are for external use.

Walk-in cold room hire facilities are perfect for:

  • Community centres.
  • Food markets.
  • Schools, colleges, universities.
  • Galleries, exhibition spaces.
  • Wedding venues.
  • Party venues.
  • Food/drink festivals.
  • Spring/summer events.
  • Domestic situations.

When you seek the services of a professional and top rated cold room storage hire firm this delivers confidence that health and safety, food and hygiene legislation is adhered to, that the units are well managed and maintained, insured and secure.

Many hire units can be run via mains power or with a generator. Discuss this with your hire firm so they know your exact requirements, neither pose a problem.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and stock needs to be saved many of the leading hire firms, including Icecool Trailers in Newbury, can deliver fully compliant walk-in cold rooms within a few hours.

If it’s not an emergency then thinking and booking ahead is recommended because it is less stressful for you and it ensures that you can get the right walk-in cold room for your needs. For example, you want a 1.8m unit and there is high demand for cold room hire at 1.8m and 3m, the earlier you book the more likely it is that you get the 1.8m unit that you want rather than having to take a 3m unit.

The hire firm can arrange unit’s delivery and collection for convenient times so that your day is minimally disrupted and hire periods are simple to extend.

Cheap and cheerful may look attractive at first glance but it often costs more in the long term. Moreover, the market is very competitive so you’ll find the standard fees are a pleasant surprise.

Additional cold room storage shouldn’t be viewed as an unnecessary or unwanted expense. Walk in cold rooms mean that you can cater to more guests, this increases revenue, often by several times over the hire fee.  Don’t turn away business. That does lose you revenue.

Perhaps the client who wanted a table for four on Friday night was hoping to find a venue for a staff party in the summer.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t accommodate them on Friday, he didn’t pursue enquiries for the summer event and both bookings were taken by your business rival.

They’ll also receive the word of mouth recommendations that follow. Are you sure that walk-in cold room hire is surplus to requirements?

Cold room hire is easy to arrange, cost effective, flexible and meets legislation. Don’t restrict your business potential for the sake of a small hire fee.

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