Tips On Maintaining And Building Good Credit Using Your Credit Cards

Tips On Maintaining And Building Good Credit Using Your Credit Cards

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Once you have your credit card, your credit score should be your top priority. It basically tells the world what you’ve done good and bad financial-wise and is determined by different factors. One of the best ways to Maintaining good credit is to use your credit card responsibly and regularly.

Here are some tips on how you can build your credit score.

No Late Payments

Maintaining good credit means you are on time when it comes to paying your debt. If you start slacking off, expect to have a history of bad credit.

You might already be charging some loan against your credit card but what you can do to build more credit is to charge your monthly expenses on it. Aside from saving you all the trouble because everything will be automated, you build some good credit history. Just don’t forget to pay the bill for it in full every month. There’s also no need to worry about interest since you’re practically settling everything every billing cycle.

Remember your credit card payment makes a good chunk of your credit history, so making most of it is not a bad idea at all.

Think As If It’s A Debit Card

Who gets tired shopping and swiping, right? It’s fun and it can be addicting when you can get everything you want using plastic. However, expenses can pile up and you just get to say ouch when you see the bill afterward.

Even with all the spending power through your credit card, you need to create a budget and stay way below your means. Stick to your budget and find expenses you can cut. It will also help if you think of your credit card working as a debit card and spend only what you can really afford. This way, there will be no surprises and there will be no debts to manage later on. And yes, there will be no regrets because you used your credit card wisely and used it only for building good credit.

3. Remember to keep your balance low

Credit bureaus put a lot of weight when they look into the amount of money you owe different creditors. Of course, part of this is them checking on how much you owe for your credit cards and on how much credit you have. With higher credit utilization, they might see the scenario in the negative as this means that you tend to overuse your credit and you’ll be at higher risk of missing certain payments. So, using your credit cards wisely is key if you want to show the credit bureaus that you can properly manage your finances.

One good technique to use is to pay several times each month instead of doing it one time or just during the due date. This way you can bring your credit utilization down and improve your image with the credit bureaus.

If you use your credit cards irresponsibly and unwisely, you hurt your credit. Responsible use of credit card helps you build credit score and not incur extra debt.
Maintaining good credit is not really that difficult. You just need to be a wise spender. Check out our tips at