A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Branded Workwear for Your Business

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Branded Workwear for Your Business

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Branded workwear can hold a number of benefits for you and your employees, so we’re going to take a quick look at how to choose what sort of items to include, and how to implement them.

Do you want a full uniform or optional items?

The first thing to decide is to what extent do you want to implement your branded workwear across the company.

Having a full uniform can be great for bringing a workforce together and improving morale and performance, and is an easy way to make sure that everyone gives off a coherent and professional brand image.

Remember that branded clothing isn’t just limited to retail or manufacturing industries, and it can also have benefits in an office environment too, as you can see in this blog post from Xamax.

If you don’t wish to fully implement a uniform, you might want to offer your staff a small amount of branded clothing and leave it up to the staff themselves whether they wear them or not.

If you get the clothing right, offering a smart and comfortable option, then staff are likely to want to wear it as a sign of their growing spirit and togetherness, and this can maybe pave the way for a full uniform rollout.

Choosing your workwear items

Deciding exactly what sort of clothing items you want to have branded is the next step. Bear in mind that if you’re providing a full uniform, you should probably provide at least two, if not three, sets of clothing so that staff can always have one ready while the others are being washed.

Also, remember that you can probably allow your staff to wear their own trousers, as long as they are plain and match the colour of the rest of the employees (usually black).

Most importantly, the clothing should be suitable for the tasks which the staff are going to be carrying out.

We spoke to Preston-based Stitch Embroidery, who said: “So if you’re working in a high-end environment where staff will be in contact with customers, perhaps don’t go for a budget friendly crew neck t-shirt, and opt for something such as a button down Oxford shirt instead.”

Finally, make sure that you get the sizing right, as uncomfortable clothes will be sure to meet resistance from the staff and make sure that the colours match the company branding.

How to incorporate your business

Incorporating your business name or logo is crucial in getting your brand out there, so take some time to consider whether you want it emblazoned on the chest or back, or perhaps somewhere more discrete such as on the sleeve.

See if your supplier can offer a mock up before you make an order and feel free to play around with some different options until you get it right.

Our tips:

  • Always consider your workplace and the tasks which will be being carried out, there’s no one rule which applies to branded workwear
  • Remember that some printing methods will last longer, but will likely cost more too
  • For example, screen printing provides good value if producing lots of items, but not if you’re only having a few items made
  • For smaller runs, you’d be better served to opt for indirect or vinyl printing instead

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